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Sinceiwas12 Gallery Artist Interview by The New Bullcatcher

the indigo metallic turns the light elastic bending against the shamshir unsheathed with the intention to inflict rotund harm. perspiration freckles this gauntlet of geometric vehemence harvested in the sterile Kitsatchie of armed heathens. the bavarian oak splinters due to the velocity of distain but Overstreet Ducasse and Frederick Holmes of sinceiwas12 gallery lean their alkaline torsos against the gate of lethargy entrance.

Express your sentiments regarding the role of technology in parallel to the primordial modus operandi of tangible hand application. embraced by 'Fit For Rivals' for album funding

I just saw that local band 'Fit For Rivals' started a Kickstarter page to help fund the production for their next album. While I am new to their music, I can say they sound good and that it's awesome they took the web to keep it alive.

'SUNBEARS!' as you may know did and overreached their pledged goal of $8,000 with $9,555. I would love this idea to be applied to other local bands or projects that maybe aren't even well known. Embrace what resources you can!

If you wanted to help back the album you have about a month to do so in this way.

Endeavour Through Your Eyes

Endeavour Through Your Eyes

Send your Endeavour pics to

Toya Carter Essay Contest

Toya Carter Essay Contest

A Memorial Day Weekend, Family Affair with Toya Carter - Monday, May 30th, 2011; 11a-3p This will be an event in a local park in downtown Jacksonville where Toya Carter will address at-risk teens sharing her struggles in growing up as a teen without parents; and how she pressed on to become a successful author and celebrity. On her hit television show with 1.5 million viewers, “Toya: A Family Affair”, Toya is shown as having a beautiful home, good friends and pursing her dreams in fashion design. But her life has been full of peaks and valleys. Abandoned by her parents as a child, she was passed from family member to family member as her mother sank deeper into drug addiction. Feeling unloved and unwelcomed, Toya fell into the arms of a 15-year old rising musical star Dwayne Michael Carter, known these days as the rapper “Lil Wayne” and ended up pregnant at the tender age of 14.

When Funk Is Good

When Funk Is Good

The two (2) day 2011 Funk Fest started off Funky with performances by MC Hammer which got the over 6,000 in attendance in the mood to groove and dance. The excitement in Metropolitan Park was electric in the cool evening air. Mother Nature cooperated perfectly setting up the atmosphere as if in perfect preparation for a Funk-filled partying atmosphere for Earth Wind and Fire.

Free Museum Access this Weekend in Jacksonville

EVENT:                      Bank of America’s Museums on Us® offers free access to Jacksonville cardholders

DATES:                      Saturday, May 7, 2011 and Sunday, May 8, 2011; the first full weekend of each month through December 2011

LOCATIONS:            Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

         The Museum of Science and History (MOSH)

This Week: 2011 Jacksonville Jazz Festival Lineup

 The 2011 Jacksonville Jazz Festival scheduled for Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29.  All festival performances and elements are free and open to the public unless otherwise listed.