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Black Women, Bold Women, Beautiful and Intelligent
Black Women, Bold Women, Beautiful and Intelligent

Black Women, Bold Women, Beautiful and Intelligent
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James Weldon Johnson Branch
The Association for the Study of African American
Life and History
The women of the recent “The Association for
the Study of African American Life and History
Inc,” held their annual gathering at the Florida
Times Union in Jacksonville, Florida.

In attendance were influential women whose
careers and passions are in politics, education,
health and welfare, written word, philanthropists,
and community leaders. These awesome women
of great abilities and commitment to their family
and their communities shared wisdom gained from
years of commitment and sacrifice to gaining
higher education, taking care of their families,
devoted members of their churches and
participants in their respective communities.

The MC’s were Angela Spears and Dr. Roy Singleton
who guided the discussions and audience interaction
making sure that each woman shared their knowledge.  
These women are role models, inspirations and leaders
in their own rights.

Provided the opportunity to share their
knowledge on issues of education, politics,
community development, philanthropy, writing,
and other areas that have significant influences
in our community. Each of these women of
integrity and statue shared their passions for
a better community and a better world for Blacks.

The growing influences of women in Jacksonville,
Florida can be seen with the growing involvement
of women in key areas of economic development,
advancement of education, political activism, legi-
slative direction, healthy diets, service to their
community and demonstration of independence
of mind and passionate service.

More young women should be provided the opportunity
to be Blessed by the wisdom of these strong women 
that span generations, from the 50’s to the 80’s, each
women in their own right has accomplished great
things in their respective disciplines and careers.

Supported by a loyal support mechanism of men of
duty and honor, they are husbands, friends and
companions they too understand the positive influences
of these women and enthusiastically were in service to
help make sure the event was a success.  

Those recognized were:
Brenda Priesly-Jackson, Senator Audrey Gibson,
Vanessa Davis, Ju’Coby Pittman, Marsha Phelts,
and Fahmeeda Veal.

Just as Nikki Giovanni stated, “If Black women were
not created, they would have to be invented. Their
passions and strength are known and respected world

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Pictures taken by: William Jackson, M. Ed.

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