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In the workplace, on the national stage, and across international lines, civility is a key component to a company’s success or failure. Ignorance of accepted standards can result in lost sales, employee turnover, destruction of strategic alliances and worst of all, litigation.


There are numerous stories of employees being fired not for inability to produce, but for bad judgment in the work environment and unacceptable behavior. Companies can suffer from high turnover due to a stress filled work environment due to ignorance and incivility in the workplace. Partnerships can be damaged and lawsuits waged against companies whose executives are not polished and knowledgeable on business etiquette.


Your Etiquette Style provides business etiquette training to entrepreneurs, corporate executives and companies of all sizes to ensure that they are current on contemporary cultural norms for business and that they are prepared to impress clients, win over key decision makers and improve the bottom line through style and grace. Business etiquette training is one of the fastest growing executive training services requested.


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“I can say firsthand that taking Carolle’s fine dining etiquette class was an invaluable experience. My lesson was less than 2 hours and I gained SO MUCH that I will always be grateful and appreciative for her teaching me. I will definitely be a repeat customer and would recommend her to any of my colleagues and friends interested in learning fine dining etiquette and protocol.” Javid Sayar, Vice Chairman and COO Sayar Enterprises Inc.August 26, 2012
Jeffrey Sumner, Executive Vice President, System Innovators It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Your Etiquette Style. Carolle Wells Vargas, Executive Etiquette Director, worked closely with the System Innovators management team to gain an understanding of our work environment. Carolle developed/tailored programs to meet our specific needs. The training events were presented in a professional manner. While the interactive presentations kept all participants engaged and involved. Carolle took the extra time to ensure our expectations were exceeded. The communication practices and tools delivered to our team were on point with our identified targets. We are already experiencing the value with our improved written and verbal communication practices. Sincerely, Jeffrey Sumner Executive Vice President
It has been a true pleasure to interact and experience Carolle’s Etiquette 101 presentation. I was amazed with the personal experiences that she shared and made note of how different cultures respond to business introductions. Carolle shared that her experience with the Asian cultures was one of formality and demonstrated the proper way to present a business card. As luck would have it, 2 weeks later I was in a meeting with senior executives from a large international corporation. As I was introduced to them by my client, the gentlemen “presented” their business cards just as Carolle had demonstrated. Flashback to the event and I fell completely in step, accepted graciously and presented my business card in the manner they admire. The reception was phenomenal. I am very grateful for the information that was shared and I look forward to continuing to use all of the tips that I took away from Carolle’s presentation. Her knowledge is vast and is well worth having her be part of any organization’s training repertoire. Domo – Arigato Carolle! — Tanya Guydos, Vice President Florida Bank


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