Eldery couple forced to move after 28 years

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Douglas and Mabel Hamilton are facing the toughest days of their married lives.


They are being told they have to move from the place they've called home for the past 28 years.

"This will probably be our last Christmas together," said Mabel Hamilton.

Douglas,83, is battling throat cancer. Mabel, 79, is worried and is at wits end.

"We can't sleep," she said. "He's lost about 10 pounds, I've lost 8 pounds. It is bad."

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Who owns my home, the city or the bank?

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- In 2008 a storm hit Eartha Jaudon's Northwest Jacksonville neighborhood and caused considerable damage to her modest home.


"The roof was torn up and it was leaking," she said.

Jaudon turned to the City of Jacksonville neighborhood housing services for help. She needed repairs and did have the ability to pay for the work.

"They told me as long as I stay here, I don't have to pay them anything," she said.

Orange Park Veteran fighting VA for surgery and new medical facility

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Kathleen Pinson is a Navy veteran crying out to the Veterans Administration for help.


"It is hard for me to walk, bend, I have to live on the couch," said Pinson. "I can't get in the bed."

Pinson, 52, said she has been trying to get the VA to schedule a surgical procedure and it has yet to happen.

"Do what needs to be done it has been going on since September 21," she said.

She said all she has received from the VA is one consultation after another, there is more scheduled in this week at the VA's Gainesville facility.

Hart Felt ministries has heart, needs funds

ID=17456751JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When it comes to need, it can be found everywhere -- behind a gated community, an urban neighborhood or a middle class subdivision.

"Our payment to stay here is cheaper than it is to rent," said Belinda Hatcher, who lives with her family in a Jacksonville suburb.

Hatcher has become her mother's caregiver.

"She (mom) has dementia and early onset Alzheimer's," she said.

Their home needs repairs both inside and out but they don't have the money to do them.

"It is stressful because I have a problem with anxiety I have some disorders," said Hatcher.

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Baker County hospital prepares for Ebola

ID=17379823MACCLENNY, Fla. -- Ed Fraser Memorial is a small hospital in rural Baker County, but they are preparing for Ebola just in case.

"We have identified a room that we have designated an Ebola room," said Dr. Patricia White.

Room 7 in the emergency department will be used to isolate a patient that may have the Ebola virus, it meets CDC guidelines.

"The probability is not zero," said White, "so we are just preparing."

Couple bitten by online dog buying scam

ID=17332193JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Rachel Manning was looking for a service dog and turned to the computer for help. She thought she had found the perfect pet but the end result only added to her depression.

"I bought the dog, but never got it," she said.

Manning has seizures and she is bi-polar and suffers with PTSD.

On October 1 she found a dog breeder's website, he was in Utah, and purchased a Bloodhound.

"'They said the will ship it for $200," she said.

The dog cost $500, the $200, delivery to her front door an extra $30.

Grieving family gets closure with grave marker

UPDATE: Tuesday George Watts went to visit his wife grave and the grave marker he had been waiting on was installed. Prestwood Funeral home had completed what was promised. Watts said he was not notified or anything, but he pleased with the grave marker and now he can find closure in the death of his wife.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- George Watts and his wife Peggy were married 44 years. She died this summer after battling cancer.

"It is very difficult," said Watts.

He said it has been very tough trying to cope without her, so he visits her grave twice a day.

"My wife will be deceased four months tomorrow and I don't know what to do," he said.

Watts is concerned about his wife's missing grave marker. The funeral service was handled by Prestwood Funeral home. Watts said he was pleased with the funeral home until the grave marker became a problem.