Looking back at Jacksonville's Race Riots

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- East Jacksonville has been the epicenter of two major events, first there was Hurricane Dora in 1964 and then the race riots in the later years.

A July 1971 edition of JET magazine asked, "What really caused the racial explosion in Jacksonville?" and pointed to several racial conflicts.

"It was like chaos," said Bruce Moye.

Moye, 53, grew up in the East Jacksonville community and remembers the riots. He said he was only 7-years-old.

"People were looting," he said. "I didn't know any better so I grabbed stuff and ran too."

He remembers the number of businesses that lined Florida Avenue from First Street to Bay Street; most of them are not longer there.

"All were not on fire," he said, "but all of them were tore up."

In fact the losses to the damage was placed at $440,000.

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Inspector shutters local church before Thanksgiving

ID=19369095JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Pastor Aaron Burgin of Horn of Salvation Ministries opened the church's doors November 2013. He said he didn't have a problem until he painted the building, hung his signs and opened an emergency food bank.

On Thursday, the city's fire inspector issued the church a cease and desist order.

"I'm out of business," said Burgin. "There will be no services here."

Burgin said it also means there will be no Thanksgiving meals given out this year.

"Basically what we do at our food bank is shutdown," he said.

El Galeon will stay in Jacksonville longer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You have more time to see a Spanish tall ship currently docked in Jacksonville.

El Galeon is visiting The River City for the first time.

The foundation which owns the ship has announced el Galeon will be open to tours in Jacksonville through Tuesday.

Active military and veterans can get a $5 discount Monday and Tuesday.

It will be open Sunday as well.

El Galeon is a replica of a galleon ship from Spain from the 1500's.

It is docked next to the Main Street Bridge, next to the Hyatt Hotel.

St. Augustine is the ship's North American homeport. El Galeon has been touring the eastern coastline of the United States for the last few months.

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Forgotten veterans given a final resting place

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- During a bright fall day at Jacksonville's National Cemetery, the stars and stripes waved with grace and majesty as if to say to some forgotten veterans: welcome home.


Fifteen unclaimed cremains of Army and Navy veterans were being removed, one by one, from a hearse for internment. Until now they were sitting on a shelf in a funeral home.

"For anybody to be left on a funeral home shelf is one thing, but for it to be a veteran that is not called for, we can't allow that to happen," said Kathy Church.

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Jacksonville democrats disappointed with results

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- About 100 Jacksonville democrats gathered for an elections watch party at Havana Jax, the restaurant, hoping their candidate Charlie Crist would win.

"We already know what he's about," said Amess Johnson. "He's about us, everybody."

The democratic process also caught the eye of a political candidate from Gabon Africa.

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Bruno Ben Moubamba wants to be the next president of his native land in 2016. Speaking through his interpreter he said he was impressed with the process.

Ken's Top 10 Online Scams to Avoid

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Technology is good, but when used the wrong way it is bad. The Internet Crime Complaint Center, IC3, reports in 2013 Americans lost $781 million to online scams, and Florida ranks second in these complaints.

Based on what we now know here are my top ten online scams:

(10) The Romance Scam

The person pretends to be someone they're not, usually through an online dating site. Their goal is get money or personal information from their target in a practice called cat phishing

(9) Curbers

These individuals will get junk cars and sell them from parking lots -- cars that may be stolen, or have the odometer rolled back or they are damaged. You will also find ads driving you to their sales location on websites like Craigslist.

(8) Gun Sale Scam

Viewer vows to help couple facing eviction

ID=18199597JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local man moved by the plight of a senior couple facing eviction is vowing to help.

John Brooks retired from UPS and purchased five acres with his home along with several rental properties.

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